First Responders

What’s a First Responder? The term usually refers to the first emergency personnel to arrive after a crisis and begin administering first aid, but here at Blue Ridge Women’s Center, it’s also what we call the first people to find out about an unplanned pregnancy. How you respond when a friend, family member, student, or coworker confides in you can make a tremendous difference for them. Are you ready for conversations like these?

  • “I think I’m pregnant, and I can’t tell my parents—they’re going to kill me!”
  • “The test was positive, and I just don’t know how I can do this again. I mean, I’m 42! We thought we were done.”
  • “Not many people know this, but I had an abortion…”

We want to equip you as a First Responder so that you will be ready to support anyone in your life who’s dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Maybe that means pointing your friend toward the services we can offer here at the Center; maybe it means serving as an extension of our efforts to people and places beyond our building. Your workplace. Your school. Your neighborhood.

Want a speaker to talk with your group about becoming more effective First Responders? Or webcards to keep on hand for moments when you might want to tell someone about the Center? Just let us know below. And check back for more resources to be developed for First Responders as well!

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