LYDIA – A Beating Heart


Blue Ridge Women’s Center CEO Phil Holsinger, founder Ken Ferris, and long-time supporter Steve Jones assisted in the founding and start-up of Lydia – A Beating Heart Women’s Center in Štip, Macedonia.

This first-ever pregnancy center in the Balkan country of Macedonia offers counseling and assistance to women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Lydia provides counseling to every woman that has scheduled an abortion. It has been providing counseling in the hospital in Štip for the last two years and…

Many have chosen not to abort their child when they learned that Lydia was there to help!


This Tree of Life is displayed in Lydia Women’s Center and serves as a visual reminder of the prayers for the clients of this ministry.

In the spring of 2015, Lydia opened its training and resource center in the capitol city of Skopje, which will serve as a teaching hub for all new Lydia team members, leaders, and pastors.  It will also serve as the central coordination facility for material donations and distribution throughout the country.

In addition to the services they provide for women in Macedonia, Lydia has been collecting and distributing clothing, diapers, and other baby items for the thousands of Syrian, Afgan, Iraqi, Nigerian, Somali, and other refugees who are currently moving through their country en route to Europe.  Lydia would like to purchase a vehicle so they can collect large donations and continue delivering these necessities to the refugees.

Are you interested in joining us in this Mission Partnership to raise the funds necessary to meet the growing needs of their community and the refugees?

My donation to support Lydia Women’s Center:
(All partner monies go directly to Lydia.)

If you would like more information on the work that is happening at Lydia Women’s Center, email [email protected] You can also find up to date information on the Lydia Women’s Center Facebook page. 


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