What is Mission Partners PRO?

In 2015, 50 million babies were aborted outside the United States.

As a missional outreach, Blue Ridge Women’s Center launched Mission Partners PRO to serve some of the most impoverished locations throughout the world. Most of these communities simply do not have the resources necessary to sustain a full time pregnancy resource organization like those found in the United States.


97% of all abortions worldwide happen outside the U.S.

In many areas around the world, the need for unplanned pregnancy support is significant because the number of abortions is high but the community resources are low.

90% of all pregnancy resources for unplanned pregnancies are concentrated within the U.S.

Imagine what a small group of already established pregnancy resource organizations could do if they joined together and helped!

Lydia – A Beating Heart Women’s Center

Located in Macedonia, where the abortion rate per capita is 2½ times that of the United States, Lydia – A Beating Heart Women’s Center is the first of many international pregnancy centers supported by Mission Partners. Are you interested in joining us in this Mission Partnership to raise the funds necessary to meet the growing needs of pregnancy centers worldwide?

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