It’s Time to Take a Stand


Lydia psychologist Alexandra is pictured offering assistance to a sweet baby refugee.

Located in Macedonia, where the abortion rate per capita is 2½ times that of the United States, Lydia – A Beating Heart Women’s Center is the first of many international pregnancy centers supported by Mission Partners. Much like pregnancy centers in the United States, Lydia offers counseling, support, and assistance  to women facing an unplanned pregnancy – including women who are already scheduled to have an abortion.

The Lydia team is also helping many of the thousands of refugees passing through Macedonia weekly. Lydia goes to the refugee exit point into Serbia with diapers, clothing, baby cosmetics, and pregnancy tests. Pregnant women and moms with babies are helped daily!

It costs $2400 a month to sustain the operations of one Lydia Center. Twelve Mission Partners can easily support one center with a monthly commitment of just $200 each. 

The Mission Partners effort also includes coaching the Lydia team to develop financial resources locally. Yet Mission Partners isn’t just a source of financial support with little or no accountability. Financial resources given to Lydia through the growing network of Mission Partners is budgeted and distributed directly within the provisions of that budget.

Together we can continue to reduce abortions here in the U.S. as well as globally. To join us in this important endeavor, please contact Phil Holsinger, President of Blue Ridge Women’s Center, by phone (540.362.3007), or email [email protected]