Pastor Calls Conditions a Catastrophe

20151031_103300Located in Macedonia, where the abortion rate per capita is 2½ times that of the United States, Lydia – A Beating Heart Women’s Center is the first of many international pregnancy centers supported by Mission Partners (PRO). In addition to offering support to moms and babies, the Lydia team also provides invaluable support to the refugees who were recently stopped in Macedonia because of the European Union’s decision to close its borders. “We were able to distribute diapers, wet wipes, baby cosmetics, and clothes,” said Lydia’s director, Svetlana Jovanova. “But we still need your prayers and support!” To understand how great the need is, read below letter excerpt from Mirce Andreev, a pastor in Macedonia and president of the humanitarian organization AGAPE.

Dear Prayer Partners:

…As many as 15,000 to 20,000 refugees are stuck on the border between Greece and Macedonia and they [are living] in conditions below every level. From a humanitarian point of view, it is catastrophe. 

mud camp mekici handout…We were present [at the southern border camp] every day with distribution of food and clothing. It’s been few days since we had a distribution.

On the northern border we had another big problem. Around 1,500 migrants are stuck in a camp that was only a transit camp towards Serbia. In the tents, there is space for [about] 200 people, but now, there are around 1,500 people, mostly Afghans.

…We have to provide a meal 3 times a day [for these migrants] – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The problem is becoming bigger and bigger because the power of the humanitarian organizations that are present there is getting weaker…They STILL hope they will get opportunity to go towards West, but the situation is opposite.

We, as AGAPE, are present there every day, and our main duty is to provide vitamins (fruit), proteins (boiled eggs), and bread. Every day we distribute large quantity of bananas, oranges, apples, kiwis, dates; and daily we provide between 1,500 – 2,000 boiled eggs. Also, every day, we provide 600 – 1,000 teas, and for that, we need tea, sugar, plastic caps, etc.

mud camp 4 - campfiresA kilometer or two from the camp, there is place that is no man’s land with another group of people who are stuck between the two countries, mostly Syrians and Iraqis, who have problems with documents and they can’t continue forward. Their situation is miserable, and they are 437 people, and for all of them there are only 8 toilette cabins which can’t be kept clean. They have big problem for food and water, and all the other things they need because, they are families – mostly women and children. On top of it, in the last week, it rains constantly and I can’t describe the mud that is there and the people are walking on it. They have tent that can hold up to 3 people, but in every tent there is one family which is 7-10 members. I can’t find the proper words to describe the situation….

…God shows us again and again that He is Great, and He works on places we least expect. I would like to share a situation from yesterday. One young man, Afghan, who is here alone – the rest of his family was killed but he manages to escape. Yesterday, he met and accepted Jesus Christ for His Savior and Lord. Let’s say his name is “Alie,” and in a special way he experienced our Savior. Besides all his troubles, someone stole all his money, and his mobile phone. One of our volunteers talked to him about Jesus and he tried to comfort him. Among other things, he offer to him SDI card with a Bible on Farsi, the movie Jesus, and few other things so he can read and watch in private. But the problem is that he didn’t have a phone. Our volunteer gave him a phone too. The next day, the young man, testified to us for his experience with Jesus. The last evening he was reading the New Testament and he had many interesting questions about it. Who [would have guessed] that someone from Afghanistan with all those problems, somewhere in Macedonia, in a refugee camp, would accept Jesus Christ? But what is unbelievable for us, it is normal for God. Please keep “Alie” in your prayers and pray for him because those examples are rising and keeping the faith to all of us.

With spring coming and with a new wave of refugees, we are waiting to see more new decisions. May God have mercy upon all of us! At the moment, we have clothing on stock…but we need funds to continue the work.

God bless you!
Mirce Andreev
President of AGAPE – Macedonia

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